Voluntary Code of Practice for Motor Vehicle Advertising

The Voluntary Code of Practice for Motor Vehicle Advertising has been instituted by FCAI as a means of industry self-regulation of motor vehicle advertising in Australia.  The primary purpose of the Code is to provide guidance to advertisers in relation to appropriate standards for the portrayal of images, themes and messages relating to road safety.

Vehicle occupant protection and road safety are primary concerns for the automotive industry in the design and operation of all motor vehicles supplied to the Australian market.  FCAI endorses the National Road Safety Strategy and acknowledges the importance of increased road safety awareness in the Australian community and fully supports the efforts of all relevant Commonwealth, State and Territory authorities to secure this outcome.

The current version of the Code applies to all advertisements published or broadcast in Australia from 1 July 2004.  It has been adopted after a review of the original Code which came into effect in August 2002.  The key findings and recommendations stemming from this review are also available for download from this website.